South Devon Cattle

Our pedigree herd of South Devon Cattle can be found grazing on historic ridge and furrow pasture land around the village throughout the spring, summer and autumn months. The South Devon is one of the largest native breeds in the UK but despite her size the cow is famed for her docile nature and maternal traits.  Once a dual purpose breed for both milk and meat production the South Devon cow produces plenty of milk for her calf to thrive on. 

They are excellent converters of forage, this enables the South Devon’s to do well on a grass based grazing system which results in succulent, tender and flavoursome meat.  Our cattle are typically grown to mature at around 3 years old by which time the meat is well marbled with fat but still produces lean meat with excellent flavour. 

The cattle are farmed alongside the arable and sheep enterprises to create a sustainable holistic system.  To achieve this the suckler cows and calves eat grass on permanent pasture land as part of a mixed rotational grazing system where the sheep follow the cattle around the grass fields to utilise the grass to full effect and reduce worm burdens which in turn reduces our reliance on wormers.  This also promotes varying sward lengths in the grass which provides habitat to a wide array of invertebrates and mammals throughout the year.  During the winter months when the cattle are housed they eat grass silage and hay which is cut from grass leys on arable land which are planted to build fertility and soil structure, additionally cattle muck is composted and then applied to arable land to add fertility. 

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