Our People

David runs the day to day farming operations in conjunction with his father Stephen, he has a degree in farm business management from Harper Adams university and has spearheaded a return to mixed farming by re-introducing the livestock enterprises to the farm.  David and Jess have worked together to find systems of cattle production that fit the modern farm business taking inspiration from New Zealand, something that David has also done with the sheep flock.

Jess is responsible for the farm shop element of the business, with years of retail experience to build upon as well as being a farmer’s daughter and enjoying hands on farming she is passionate to supply the consumer with high quality meat and produce.  Jess is also fully involved on the farm throughout the year, her favourite jobs include working with anything young on the farm, be it calves, lambs, piglets, chicks or puppies. 

Stephen heads up the arable operations being the primary operator on most of the big machinery used to grow crops.  He is passionate about following the principles of regenerative agriculture and is always looking for new ways to improve the health and resilience of the land under his control.  He has travelled the world looking at innovative techniques and analysing practices to improve farm efficiencies, build and store carbon and create a sustainable holistic system.

Rebecca works part time for a regenerative agriculture organisation but is around to assist Jess in the shop, make jams, chutneys and cakes in the farm house kitchen and helps out with the hens, ducks and lambs. She also fulfils the immensely important role of keeping everyone on the farm fed and watered throughout the busiest times of the year.

Harry attended Moulton College where he studied agriculture and has travelled to New Zealand, this along with working on farms and in industry in the UK has given him a broad understanding of different production systems.  He is passionate about livestock and is particularly interested in sheep having a small flock of his own.  Harry is responsible for the day to day livestock husbandry and is kept busy throughout the year both with arable and livestock jobs.

Hev is responsible for the smooth running of the office and finances and works part time for the business. Originally from London, she has years of experience working in the Banking and Financial sectors. She has worked both in Industry and Practice, looking after different clients in a variety of industries.