British Lop Pigs

Our Pigs are British Lop, so named for its floppy ‘lop’ ears that come right across their faces, meeting up at the tips of their noses.  The breed is categorised by the ‘Rare Breeds Survival Trust’ as Very Rare.  The British Lop is a hardy breed, good at foraging and well suited to an extensive outdoor system.   They were traditionally found in the South West of England and are sometimes known as the “Cornish Lop” because of this history.  The breed has retained its original genetics and avoided being crossed with non-native breeds to increase productivity.  The British Lop is well suited to foraging and thriving in areas of rough and unproductive land, this diet produces excellent flavoursome pork that is lean and tender.  These characteristics enable us to produce sustainable high quality pork for our sausages, bacon and pork joints.  

Our pedigree breeding sows “Lady Violet” and “Lady Cora” were purchased from Lady Carnarvon’s herd of British Lops at Highclere Castle in Berkshire.  They can be seen at the farm at some times of the year, often with piglets at foot enjoying surplus vegetables, pumpkins or foraging in the grass fields.

For more information about the British Lop breed please follow the link to the breed society website: